Global Broadband

High Speed Global Communications Provider

High Speed Transport

From Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angles, Amsterdam, and Okinawa with room to grow

Networking and Integration

Expert team in networking, automation, and integration

Content Provider

Globally delivering content ranging from streaming video to blockchain

Forward Focused

On world changing technologies like cryptocurrency and clean energy need a network

Our Products

The SPARTA Network

A network designed completely for cryptocurrency by fighting distributed denial of service and to process transactions first.


A delegated Stake Pool for the ADA Network. Global Broadband supports crypocurrency core nodes over the SPARTA Network.

Colocation and IP Transit

Whether looking for better connectivity or a place to run your services, Global Broadband has options for you.

Ryukyus Internet Exchange

Global Broadband is proud to host the Ryukyus Internet Exchange, the perfect place to ensure low latency for on-island traffic.

IT Consulting

Our highly trained staff will help you take full advantage of our products and your network, with consulting, automation, and integration.

Meet our executive members

David Sperling

Managing Director

Gary Blankenship


Ganganath Shanmugalingam

Services Director

Steve Teusch

Product Director